How to Make a Fake Hospital Note

Doctor’s notes help people get through the week. Whether my nose simply will not stop being stuffy, or there is a music festival I just cannot miss – forged notes are used during desperate times. No matter the circumstances, doctor’s notes should be used sparingly and only if flawlessly crafted. Scanning a friend’s note, printing the picture and cutting out the note with scissors will not work. Stunts such as these may result in people losing their jobs or getting a failing grade in a class from an automatic zero percent attendance and participation grade.

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There are only a couple of methods to produce a perfect phoney dr. slip. I will explain one. I think it is fair to assume everyone has actually been to the doctor’s office at least once in their life. Put this slip of paper in with other important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards and government checks. This way the doctor’s slip will not be lost over a long course of time. Doctor’s notes today typically have the company’s name on the slip. This is why keeping slips from a local doctor is far more genuine and effective compared to ones found on the internet.

For example I had reconstructive knee surgery more than four years ago. Recently, I needed to skip class in order to see one of my favorite bands play at a venue three hours away. I scanned the doctor’s note and saved the file as a high quality .JPEG image. Next, I installed a professional photo editing program. I looked on the toolbar in search for a “stamp-like” icon called the “Cloning Tool.” Use the Cloning Tool to change the date on the original slip. The hardest part of a doctor’s note is changing the date to the proper day to be skipped. People in the past often try to use white-out on the slip and scan the doctor’s note with the date space blank. Any high quality scanner will register the white-out markings even if the black and white scan option is selected. This is why an editing program must be used. Cloning tools help copy the exact look of one number to a different place on the slip. Once I was done manipulating the date on the doctor’s note, I saved the file as a Bitmap (.BMP) and named the file something generic. One site you might want to check out is

Health professionals have doctorsNOTES
Health professionals have doctorsNOTES

Every teacher/professor/boss on the planet has an email address. Furthermore, most everyone prefers email contact more than phone or in-person office visits because emails are answered leisurely and require no additional arrangements. Therefore the best method of skipping work or school is by casually mentioning the upcoming day of absence in-person and sending them a reminder with a doctor’s note on the day of absence. Doctor’s notes should be sent as an attachment file in an email. This is the reason why they should be completely flawless. By law, people are not allowed to call and determine if a potentially fake hospital note is genuine. Hospitals and doctors offices must keep confidentiality. This method of forging doctor’s notes has always worked.

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